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Choosing A Mobility Scooter That’s Right For You.

Model shown above: EW-M34

Choosing a mobility scooter that is right for you can be an easy decision when you consider a few things to determine your unique circumstances such as what your condition requires and how the various options fit those criteria. We always recommend that you work with a health care provider to advise you on choosing the right scooter.

Some questions to consider and to go over with your healthcare provider are:

1. Am I healthy enough for a mobility scooter or is a wheelchair a better option for me?

2. How do I choose between three wheel and four wheel scooters?

– Three wheel scooters are often better for those who will primarily use their scooter indoors, because of the scooter’s ability to maneuver easily around corners and indoor obstacles. – Four-wheel scooters are often chosen for increased stability and peace of mind. Four-wheel models tend to be better on rugged or uneven surfaces.

3. Will I need more power for navigating curbs or hills in my neighborhood?

If so, you may want to look for a scooter with a higher wattage motor.

4. What is the maximum distance the scooter will go and how does this fit in with my typical daily routine? Medical scooters tend to go about 10 miles on a single charge whereas recreational scooters can go between 30 and 40 miles on a single charge.

5. Are all of the controls easy for me to reach? Are they easy to use and understand?

6. Is the platform of the scooter wide enough to comfortably support my legs and feet?

7. Does the scooter offer a swivel seat? – A swivel seat helps you in the transition on and off the scooter. Many people prefer this option.

8. Will I need to transport my scooter? If so, can the scooter be easily disassembled? How much will the heaviest piece of the disassembled scooter weigh and can I comfortably lift that weight and transition it to a trunk or back seat or other storage compartments?

9. What is the scooter warranty program? How are repairs handled? – At EWheels Medical you always have someone at the end of the phone to answer questions, manuals are available online and we service and repair in your home (in most cases) across the entire United States.

10. If you will be using your mobility scooter at home, measure the width of doorways, including those with gates or barricades, and determine whether or not a ramp is needed—even a doorjamb can be just high enough to require a small ramp.

11. Please call us to find out how a mobility scooter can help you get moving so you can get out there and live a more exciting life.


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